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If you're looking to install a new Intruder Alarm or CCTV system or want to upgrade an existing system to meet your insurer's requirements, speak to us. We will advise you on the right system for your needs and will install it to the highest industry standards.



IP CCTV systems represent the next generation in CCTV technology. Replacing the old analogue cameras and enabling a much clearer picture quality due to enhanced resolution, intruders are easier to identify. Plus, IP provides the ability to digitally zoom in on recorded video. IP CCTV converts images and audio into digital data that can then be transmitted over an internet network to an authorized remote viewing device (e.g. your PC, Smartphone, and Tablet). To take full advantage of these systems professional installation is needed to ensure correct setup of the cameras and client management systems linking your system to remote devices, also professionally installed and robust wiring and routing ensuring the longevity of your system.


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Central monitoring station


We use the most advanced Redcare Secure alarm signalling system to connect your intruder alarms to our central monitoring station.


Redcare is a well-established division of BT and the UK leader in alarm signalling services. It already works with hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses throughout the country, and uses mobile wireless networks backed up by landline telephone signals.

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