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About our company

NICEIC platinum promise:


As Fully Registered and approved member of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICIEC) we fully meet the requirements for the NICIEC Platinum Promise. This is NICIEC's   national commitment to making sure that installation work is safe and meets the required regulations. The  Platinum Promise will protect you should installation work undertaken by a NICEIC registered company not meet the required building regulations or installation standards.

As part of the Platinum Promise NICIEC  will support you through the resolution process. Platinum Promise can take necessary steps to put work right in the event that a registered installer is no longer able to.


In the event that the NICEIC registered installer is no longer able to rectify work that is unsafe or does not meet the required regulations, NICEIC will commission remedial work to make the work compliant using an alternative contractor up to the maximum value of £25,000.

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